“I have some feedback for you…”

How do do you feel when you hear that from your manager?

It’s just as stressful for managers too…


How it works:

Step 1

Safe Space

Create that psychological safe space.

Step 2


Focus on personal development, not just on the performance.

Step 3

Fast & Frequent

Real-time feedback conversations in 10 minutes or less.

Hi, I’m Raf, a feedback coach who doesn’t play by the old rules.

As a successful athlete and wrestling coach, I know exactly how to channel human motivation and growth mindsets to inspire and coach others.

All my coaching builds on proven, science-based methods to help managers create psychological safety.

Neuroscience today offers us fascinating and deeper insights into our behaviour.

It’s time to tackle feedback anxiety head on, stop using outdated manuals, and help your team redefine what it means to pull together!


The Feedback Framework

10 years of leading and coaching diverse teams, supported with studying human behaviors, neuroscience, and fast, real conversations.

Workshops, One-on-One, & Consultation

Each program helps you build a feedback culture, improve employee engagement and develop managers. Each one tailored to your company.

Ready to explore how can you improve your business and career with feedback skills?

If your goal is to take your employee engagement and development to the next level, then I would love to chat with you


“He is the F-Word coach you need to see if you want to move forward with your feedback strategy. That, and he is a bloody good bloke; it’s a great combination.”

Kieron Bailey. Consultant and Co-Founder of EXP101

“Raf is a great public speaker that is able to hold the attention of all the room. The training really resonated with the group and I can see with the follow-up service that is offered that we will have a long relationship moving forward with the food bag coach. Raf thanks again for all your help!”

Adam Johnson. Owner of The Plough Harborne

“I have had an opportunity to interact with Raf, while we had to design a new feedback model at SEB.  The art of giving feedback is a lifetime skill and talking to Raf put me to ease and design a model which is based on the gaps we had. “

Leena Sahu HR Consultant-Inclusion & Diversity at SEB

“Raf is a personable, exciting and engaging speaker for any event your business or organisation is holding. He also wanted to make sure that his session fit around our values and company Ethos which was a great touch and a huge hit with all of our Managers on the day.

Sam Beech. Talent Manager at  The New World Trading Company

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