The foundation of improvement and collaboration

Managers today have to evolve their feedback skills to offer what’s really needed to retain top talent and fuel employee engagement. It’s a shift towards future-oriented, coaching feedback. I help businesses align their feedback culture with today’s needs.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Safe Space

Create that psychological safe space.

Step 2


Focus on personal development, not just on the performance.

Step 3

Fast & Frequent

Real-time feedback conversations in 10 minutes or less


Raf Baron

The Feedback Coach

The Feedback format in use for decades is outdated, and no longer effective. It can even cause extra pressure – when used to overcome challenges. Your employee engagement, retention and performance is suffering.

The business world moves fast. it is hungry for personal growth. Collaboration at scale. Doing more in less time. Being creative.

All that requires a fresh approach for managers and employees in feedback conversations.

The future belongs to coach-like managers who can engage people in short coaching conversations focused on personal development.


The Feedback Framework

A framework built out of 10 years of leading and coaching diverse teams, supported with studying human behaviors and neuroscience.

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Workshops, One-on-One, & Consultation

Each program helps you build a feedback culture, improve employee engagement and develop managers.

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Free Feedback Tips

Valuable tips that you can start using right now. I keep my videos short, 2 minutes top, so you can watch them while your kettle is boiling.

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Ready to explore how can you improve your business and career with feedback skills?

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"He is the F-Word coach you need to see if you want to move forward with your feedback strategy.

“That, and he is a bloody good bloke; it’s a great combination.”

Kieron Bailey. Consultant and Co-Founder of EXP101

"We have to learn how to challenge people without demotivating them.

“That’s where I recommend Raf! I have learned from him how to provide criticism and get people on board with me without creating a tension.”

Ruben Gonzales. General Manager at Ego Restaurant

Typical signs that the feedback approach is out of sync:


Feedback creates tension & anxiety

People are nervous during (and even before) the feedback conversation, making it very difficult to engage openly.

Because of this, people tend to avoid feedback, creating even more issues to deal with in the future.


A defensive response

“I know but…” is one of the first signs that manager is not engaging an employee in the right way.

Managers with the best intentions often struggle to engage employees. This leads to poor performance, and leaving the company.


Delayed feedback - 'too busy'

Feedback gets pushed back until it’s almost too late. Employees receive feedback that is far too long after the fact.

Because of this, employee engagement goes down and relationships plummet. Worse, current projects are delayed, which generates unplanned costs.

Hi, I’m Raf.

My mission is to humanize feedback conversations.

As a feedback coach and leader, I believe that until psychological safety is established, feedback will continue creating anxiety and tension between people.

As a successful athlete, coaching and challenging others while focusing on self-improvement is in my blood.

Combining the two created my unique approach to feedback.

How my Feedback Framework and Coaching is different:

Practical Psychology

Most coaching or feedback models are not designed to accommodate our basic human need that dictates engagement and builds trust. I humanize the feedback experience, focusing first on creating safety to reduce feedback anxiety.

Get the mental habits and speaking tools you need so that people don’t become defensive,

Coaching Feedback

People thrive on feedback for development, not just performance. Unfortunately vast majority of the feedback that takes place is for performance only. People expect personal development and are willing to search for a coach-like managers elsewhere when that need isn’t meet.

Real-time Feedback

Get rid of the hour-long sessions with employees, and shift into real-time feedback.

It takes a few minutes, keeps the feedback fresh, and delivers it at the right moments. Time is precious.

Make each feedback conversation easy to digest and act upon.

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