Feedback is the perfect tool for growth, and greater team relationships.

Feedback shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking experience. And if we withhold it, we rob people and our business the opportunity to grow. This is my fresh approach to feedback conversations.

A framework built out of 10 years of leading and coaching diverse teams, supported with studying human behaviors and neuroscience. 

Create Psychological Safety

Most feedback coaching is not designed for actual psychological safety. People shut down and shield themselves when we treat them like checkboxes on a template. Past experiences can also play a part in holding us back.

I help you develop consistent actions and environments, mental habits, and speaking tools. We need to build conversation so that people don’t become defensive, and disengage.

Instead of learning how to provide feedback, I will coach you how to navigate through any feedback conversation, especially when emotions start to run strong.

Create healthy and engaging environments for your team – that actually work.

Coaching for Humans

Feedback is more than performance review to benefit the company. When we rely on authority to get the job done, our employees tune out. They listen because they have to, not because they want to.

I want to eradicate this from work culture.

People thrive on feedback for development, not just performance. Humanise the entire feedback experience in your company. It will even improve your personal life!

Learn a highly safe, judgement-free method of cultivating feedback.

Real-time feedback

Managers today don’t have the luxury to block out frequent, hour-long meetings with each employee. And yet most managers are being trained to do that – whether it works or not. Feedback is delayed, instead of being given at critical moments.

Real-time feedback takes a few minutes of your time. Sprinkle short conversations throughout the day, as people need them, instead of scheduling formal sessions.

This saves you time, and your team gets your ongoing support that they need.

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Find out how I took my experience in hospitality, and channeled it into a fresh approach to feedback conversations.