Episode 20: Dr. Chantal Thorn. How to lead your team with curiosity.

Episode 20: Dr. Chantal Thorn. How to lead your team with curiosity.

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Dr. Chantal Thorn is a director of program Development at Box Of Crayons, a leading L&D company in the field of unleashing curiosity within organisations.
Chantal’s is an expert in helping organisations and managers develop and cultivate a curiosity-led culture. Her expertise, passion for curiosity and energetic personality makes this conversation super engaging and packed with value!
In this episode Chantal explained and demonstrated:
-Why adults are no longer as curious as we were in our childhood
-How to ask challenging questions and stay curious for longer, without coming across as an annoying person.
-What questions should managers ask more often to create a curiosity-lead culture
-How and where to practice to develop the habit of being curious
-What are the benefits of being curious and creating a curiosity-lead culture
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Why giving feedback in a formulaic way doesn’t work

Why giving feedback in a formulaic way doesn’t work

What sort of training(if any!) you have received as a manager when it comes to giving feedback?

Was it a script? Few sentences to follow every time you have to challenge your people.

Internet is full of those, even online courses offer it as a solution. This might seem like a good solution and it actually works at the begin, but soon you and your team will realise that this is not the authentic you. Using a formulaic approach does not help you establish a relationship with your team that you are aiming to have. How about you? Do you feel comfortable using it? All too often I see managers walking away from giving feedback to avoid sounding like a robot.

The truth is, your people need your feedback, they expect it and will listen to it when it’s delivered well! Focus on creating safe space around you, psychological safety is a must for difficult conversations to take place and be productive, instead of an anxiety-inducing experience that managers and employees would do everything g to avoid it. There is no escape for giving feedback to your employees. The performance of your team, employee engagement and retention depends on it. Here is an article that demonstrates how important psychological safety really is: Google launched “Project Aristotle”, and the findings are telling!

That’s why my workshops starting from: Priming for feedback. Understanding what it takes to build safety around you, how our biases and blindspots working against us, and how to overcome them. You can find more about my programs here

I couldn’t help but put this short video together. It represents how people often feel when we follow the scripts instead of simply having a human to human conversation.

Have you ever felt like your manager is ticking the boxes instead of having a genuine conversation with you?

Feedback sins: Here and Now.

Feedback sins: Here and Now.

Here are common mistakes made when managers are providing employees with feedback leading to disengagement and lack of commitment. Those feedback mistakes are often made without being aware of making them, because of that, your employees will be disengaged and performance will decrease further.

Let me help you avoid them altogether, so your co-workers will choose to engage with your feedback. What are those mistakes and how can you avoid them? Check this video for sin number 2, and more on my Linkedin profile Facebook: and YouTube

Check out how can I help you create a healthy feedback culture within your business, so your team can work to the best of their potential: https://feedbackcoach.co.uk/programs/


Looking to attend a feedback workshop, or bring one to your workplace? Best place to start is to book a quick call with me.

The Golden Rule To Build Trust & Position Yourself As A Fair Manager

The Golden Rule To Build Trust & Position Yourself As A Fair Manager

Your day as a manager can be very intensive and time is scarce, I think we all have been there. Being busy and cutting the time when it’s your turn to provide the feedback isn’t your solution in here, because it leads to further disengagement of your team and will drop their performance.

Your feedback is important, but HOW its delivered matters as much as the content of the feedback, and often its the most important part. When emotions run high or timing is poor, with the best of your intention to deliver quality feedback to your employees, you are highly likely to create more tension, instead of improvement.

Check this video and it will help you avoid one of the feedback sins:


During my workshops, I cover a wide range of topics that are related to feedback. From providing the feedback, or should I say navigate through feedback conversations, how to become a coach-like manager that people enjoy working with all the way to how to receive feedback effectively and take full ownership of your personal development. Seeking relevant feedback is crucial if you are an ambitious individual.  It all leads to better performance, and that’s what you want right?

The F Word Coaching: How to provide feedback and stand out!

The F Word Coaching: How to provide feedback and stand out!

Separate Feedback and advice to get better results.

There is time and place for advice or coaching conversation, and we have to be deliberate how to separate them and where to start.

As a Feedback coach, I can help you and your organisation build a feedback culture that unlocks the potential of your people. From learning how to receive feedback and find hidden gems behind poorly delivered feedback to providing coaching feedback.

My Coaching PRO Feedback is designed to teach managers the necessary skills needed to provide coaching feedback that takes minutes of their time. I deliver feedback workshops both, online and in person.

The best place to start is to jump on a quick call together at the time that its convenient for you.