Episode 22: Kris Macc and Catherine De La Poer: How to build a team with EQ at its heart

Jul 13, 2021 | Podcast

How to build a team with EQ at its heart with Kris Macc and Catherine De La Poer

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EQ is a better success predictor than IQ for managers, and as leaders, we need to spend more time developing our Emotional Intelligence skills and looking back at my career, it’s a piece that I was missing during my early management years.
Catherine De La Poer and Kris Macc are EQ champions and my today’s guests that helped me understand how to build a team with EQ at its heart.
As EQ coaches and Keynote Speakers, Cath and Kriss are helping leaders across the globe developing EQ skills and build thriving, resilient and engaged teams.
The synergy between Cath and Kriss is unique and it brings the best out of their slightly different coaching styles and backgrounds.

In this episode we have discussed:

-How to build trust with your team from the scratch
-Is there a place for vulnerability in leadership?
-Why Cath shouldn’t be promoted to her first management role at the age of 22, and why her deputy was a better choice
-Importance of Self-Awareness.
-How I discovered what triggers my terrible behaviour towards my employees(and how I solved it)
-Empathy: one of the most important and hardest skills to develop.
-3 questions that Kriss is asking her clients that will help anyone develop more empathy
-Empathy within multicultural teams
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