Episode 4: Kieron Bailey.Hands-on coaching approach.

Aug 5, 2020 | Podcast

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s a leader, an important part of your responsibility is to show people what’s possible and through ongoing coaching set them on that path. The traditional way of scheduled and documented feedback conversations is no longer a viable option. A real-time coaching conversation is a way to go, and Kieron spent years mastering this approach. 
In today’s episode, you will learn how to develop your team through ongoing, real-time feedback conversations.  Kieron is sharing with us his proven process of turning team members into successful leaders. 
Kieron Bailey is a co-founder of Experience 101, hospitality junkie, coach and public speaker.  Kieron spent over 20 years proudly leading and developing teams. Today, as a consultant and public speaker,  Kieron is helping hospitality businesses grow and develop the next generation of leaders and hospitality lovers.
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