Feedback Programs

Workshops, One-on-One, & Consultation

Onsite Workshops

Spend a full day mastering your feedback abilities. You can choose, depending on your current needs and desired future state, coaching on how to receive or how to provide feedback. Combining both create well rounded, healthy feedback culture across the entire business.

Learn how to feel comfortable providing feedback, how to make it an engaging experience, and how to start being a coach for your team.

Take your feedback skills to the next level!

  • Full Day Workshop
  • Free, 30-minute call with each team member.
  • Group Q&A session

Let’s make feedback conversations a regular, daily part of your flow, like second nature!

"How to Receive Feedback" Workshops

All the information and skills for coaching your team, and getting everyone on the same page – through webinar.

Full day online workshop delivered in short sessions. No limit to the number of attendees.

  • Free, 30-minute call with each team member
  • Group Q&A session

One-on-One Coaching

Learn how to share feedback with precision, at the right time, in the right way. Build coaching feedback habits and skills that will last you a lifetime.

  • Identify the barriers holding you back from sharing difficult feedback
  • Learn how to make feedback effective and engaging
  • Learn how to stop relying on authority to get things done
  • Learn how to provide feedback with integrity and care
  • Discover the best coaching questions to ask
  • Find out how to still keep your people accountable

Together we’ll schedule six 60-minute sessions to work through my Coaching PRO Feedback course.

Ongoing Feedback Consulting

The help you need to keep building a feedback culture, improving team engagement and developing managers within your organisation.

Sometimes a single workshop isn’t enough. So I’m standing by, ready to meet with you and your team in follow up sessions, as you need them.

Let’s get a free discovery call to explore your needs, and how we can transform your team culture together.

  • Free, 30-minute call with each team member
  • Group Q&A session