TIM talk

with the

F-Word Coach

A virtual session with Raf Baron.

Hi guys!


When Harley and Alan spoke to me about your mission:                                                                                Building #1 online gaming empire                                     and walk me through one of your core value:
Grow Every Day,                                                                         I knew straight away what would my TIM talk be about:

Receiving feedback.

Your personal growth and Itech‘s progress heavily depends on the ability to receive well and follow through with every feedback that is coming your way.
I also discovered that being able to receive feedback well saved me a lot of trouble at home with my wife. What a bonus!

You will get to hear how I almost lost my cool when Justyna shared with me valid feedback that was valid and coming from the place of care.
I will explain what I did that helped me suppress my initial urge to take it personally and instead slow down and listen.

The result?                                                                      Meaningful conversation, not an argument that I was about to cause.

We will walk through a tool that will stop you from forming assumptions and jumping to conclusions.                                                                             Most of the conclusions are wrong, but they have a real impact on our relationships with others.

Before we will do Q&A you will also see the most crushing feedback that I have received in my life. It will serve me as an example to show you how even badly delivered feedback can be turned around.

For you to get the best out of the session, there is a small homework to be done ahead of the session:

-What are your challenges with receiving feedback? What are your concerns and doubts?
The more I know ahead of the session, the more I can help. Throughout the session I will be referring to your challenges anonymously.

Here is my email: Raf@feedbackcoach.co.uk

-We will go through a tool that is designed to help with our assumptions and conclusions.
We are quick to form them, often they are wrong, with real negative impact on how we feel and on the relationships with others.
Check out my short video where I explain what you would need to do ahead of the session.

Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

Have a great day on purpose,


Get ready for the session!

To get the best out of the session, there is a small homework to do ahead of it.

Go ahead and check this short video to learn more about the exercise.

"The art of giving feedback is a lifetime skill and talking to Raf put me to ease and design a model which is based on the gaps we had.."

If you have to coach your leaders or mentor your HR function to implement a new feedback model with simple techniques, Raf is the only one!

Leena Sahu. HR Coansultant at SEB

"Raf is a personable, exciting and engaging speaker for any event your business/organisation is holding. "

He also wanted to make sure that his session fit around our values and company Ethos which was a great touch and a huge hit with all of our Managers on the day.

Sam Beech. Talent Manager at  The New World Trading Company

Your growth, your career

You will learn how to take your personal development to the next level.

As you grow and ask for relevant feedback from your peers, you will send a clear message that feedback within your team is welcomed and it’s safe to share it.

Meet Raf

In 2006, I experienced leadership and a people-centered culture for the first time. I felt like I belonged.

I promised myself that I will always create the same feeling to the person on my right and the person on my left. 

Public speaking and workshops are helping me scale that promise. In connecting with more people, I can share the tools and inspiration we all need. The goal: to create a working environment where people feel like they belong.

My background in competitive martial arts and managing restaurants brings a set of unique insights and stories. It is in these intense training environments that I discovered that the model of conventional feedback is broken. 

And after years of research, testing, and my own feedback, my process throws out the manual that’s separating people. Let’s get people back together again. 

Because when that happens, people work better. Teams are more productive. Businesses are happier. And we all benefit. 

And it only takes few minutes of your time.


If you happen to know someone that is looking for energetic and engaging speaker, please send them my way, I would really appreciate it!