Hi, I’m Raf.

I make Feedback conversations easy, engaging, and comfortable for everyone.

My story

My 10 years of running teams and businesses within the hospitality sector, an industry that success depends on happy and engaged employees allowed me to develop my unique coaching abilities and feedback frameworks.

I observed behaviours, body language, explored intrinsic motivation and used it successfully to get the best out of my teams.

There are 3 key elements of my feedback approach:

  • Create a safe space to hold even tough feedback conversations
  • Focus on personal development, not just on the job performance
  • Make feedback a frequent occurrence, delivered in real-time.

Today I want to share that framework with you and your business.

Letter from Raf


Feedback is one of your best tools to meet your goals. Whether in business, leadership, or your personal life.

Skillfully used, feedback becomes an inexpensive and highly effective way to invest in your people. It drives engagement, strong team retention, and constant growth.

When it’s handled poorly, feedback becomes your biggest danger. Emotions run high. People take everything personally. Nothing gets done. What was meant to be a source of improvement and engagement is now is a source of tension, frustration and often anxiety.

If that’s the headache you’re trying to solve, then let’s connect to start fixing it.

Most managers seem to have an unwritten rule: stay quiet, don’t risk tense conversations.

Why? Why is feedback so often a nerve-wracking experience?

The simple answer is that we are feeling creatures that think. Not thinking creatures that feel.

It doesn’t matter how reasonable it is to provide and receive feedback. Unless you can address psychological safety, people shut down, and fewer will contribute.

That’s where I focus first.

I start my workshops with practical tools on how to create safety first, lay down the defences, build the trust and keep our primitive brains on stand-by mode, not danger mode.

Don’t worry, I won’t ask you or your team to memorize all the biases. I will show you how to navigate feedback conversations to avoid triggers and defuse tension.

The future belongs to coach-like managers, who focus on personal development. People are growth-savvy. Feed that hunger, and you will drive loyalty and excellent performance.

Here’s to your success,

Raf Baron