Episode 20: Dr. Chantal Thorn. How to lead your team with curiosity.

Feb 10, 2021 | Latest, Podcast

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Dr. Chantal Thorn is a director of program Development at Box Of Crayons, a leading L&D company in the field of unleashing curiosity within organisations.
Chantal’s is an expert in helping organisations and managers develop and cultivate a curiosity-led culture. Her expertise, passion for curiosity and energetic personality makes this conversation super engaging and packed with value!
In this episode Chantal explained and demonstrated:
-Why adults are no longer as curious as we were in our childhood
-How to ask challenging questions and stay curious for longer, without coming across as an annoying person.
-What questions should managers ask more often to create a curiosity-lead culture
-How and where to practice to develop the habit of being curious
-What are the benefits of being curious and creating a curiosity-lead culture
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