Raf is passionate about feedback and helping to strengthen feedback conversations. I have been working with Raf in 1:1 sessions where his advice, techniques and tools have been invaluable in helping me to provide effective feedback to my team and extract the maximum value from the feedback I receive.

Raf has consistently been able to provide practical guidance on how to navigate specific scenarios to create a positive environment for feedback and coaching.

Thomas Vipond. Associate Director at VaynerMedia

I have been lucky enough to get a few sessions with Raf so far, which have had an immediate benefit to me personally and professionally through adapting how I approach situations.

I have been most impressed by how Raf was able to apply his thinking to my barriers. I truly appreciate how Raf has brought out and encouraged feedback which makes for some very enlightening conversations. 

Robert Benjamin. Financial Controller at Itech Media

When I think of Raf, I think immediately of a coach. A man who is invested in the development of others through listening and sharing ideas and understanding. A man who cares about others intensely without any expectation of something back in return, a man who will give of himself to help others find their route map to success with the power of a GPS.

As a seasoned coach myself I look to surround myself with people who will challenge my thinking and help me grow and when I meet with Raf for any event, be that co-facilitating a workshop, at a networking event or just for coffee, I know I will walk away with something to reflect on.

As a facilitator, Raf is insightful and challenging in equal measure, he will support his learners on their journey whilst not being afraid to ask the tough questions. In the time I have known him, he has honed his skills, continually looking to” sharpen the saw”; for his own development and to pass it on to others. The desire to develop others was a trait that I grew to admire quickly. Asking the right questions is the key to digging out the right answers, knowing when to push and when to coax is a balancing act that many fall short on, not Raf.

The skill he uses to put his coaching clients at ease to facilitate the most positive response is something I have seen him grow through various methods. Initially, constantly seeking feedback on his own performance and learning to manage his own response to challenging feedback rather than allowing his emotional being take centre stage and deliver a reaction has been integral to the development of his incredible coaching style. To his thirst for knowledge, developing his own style to embed that knowledge in his own consciousness, ready to share it with others, that required a deep level of self-awareness which is rare to see.

Fundamentally, if you are looking for help in creating a feedback culture, it makes sense to seek out the help of somebody who has done just that. He is the F-Word coach you need to see if you want to move forward with your feedback strategy. That, and he is a bloody good bloke; it’s a great combination.

Kieron Bailey. Consultant and Co-Founder of EXP101

After hearing the feedback coach at a networking event we were extremely interested in how we felt he could help our business.

The Plough has a staff of 85 people and one of our weaknesses is giving feedback both positive and negative,  in a way that will help us to improve our offer to our customers and also improve the working environment in which are valued staff members at work.

Ra initially conducted a video meeting to ascertain our requirements which I thought was both creative and also a really efficient use of my time.  From there we were able to develop a days training for 10 managers and supervisors.
The actual day was both fun and engaging, Raf is a great public speaker that is able to hold the attention of all the room.
The training really resonated with the group and I can see with the follow-up service that is offered that we will have a long relationship moving forward with the Feedback Coach.
Raf thanks again for all your help

Adam Johnson. Owner of The Plough-Harborne

Raf’s ability to provide feedback and coach others how to do it’s top notch.

Skills that I have developed during the time I have worked with Raf, helped me take my career a few steps forward quickly, as my abilities to provide feedback and develop people around was recognised and rewarded. Everyone likes a quick pat on the back, but that itself won’t deliver the results that every business needs. We have to learn how to challenge people without demotivating them.

That’s where I recommend Raf! You will learn how to make feedback seems easy for everyone.

The best part is, that the same skills that I use at work are helping me at home. Feedback, after all, is always going to be part of our life.

Ruben Gonzales. General Manager at Ego Restaurant

Raf will work with you to provide the tools needed to approach each and every conversation from a fresh angle for high impact, and in return, high results. 

Any blockers that you may have previously held concerning the providing of valuable feedback to those around you will be a thing of the past after the fantastic insight given. Top notch!

John Conyers. Area Manager at Wagamama.

I initially saw Raf deliver an incredible talk at EXP 101 in Manchester and immediately wanted to introduce him to NWTC. We invited Raf to come to one of our monthly culture days and run a feedback and Coaching session to our General Managers. Raf was in constant contact for a few weeks before and organised a couple of video calls to make sure we were both on the same page. He also wanted to make sure that his session fit around our values and company Ethos which was a great touch and a huge hit with all of our Managers on the day. I would highly recommend Raf as a personable, exciting and engaging speaker for any event your business/organisation is holding. Thanks Raf!

Sam Beech. Talent Manager at The New World Trading 

I have had an opportunitiy to interact with Raf, while we had to design a new feedback model at SEB. I must say Raf was a great help. The art of giving feedback is a lifetime skill and talking to Raf put me to ease and design a model which is based on the gaps we had. He makes you feel so safe to say, very genuine and incredible person. His empathetic skill is a feather to his crown. He is available for you anytime when you have to discuss, even if not his turn around time is less than 30 minutes. This makes Raf much more special and reveals his interest towards the subject and people’s issues. If you have to coach your leaders or mentor your HR function to implement a new feedback model with simple techniques, Raf is the only one! Just go catch him!

Leena Sahu. HR Consultant-Inclusivity & Diversity  at SEB