Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed the C.H.E.F networking event as much as I did! Here’s how I’m bringing you more value and support, so you can start improving feedback culture within your team. 


Thank you for attending the C.H.E.F. networking event organised by Conrad.

I would like to support you further with improving feedback culture within your business, as I believe that’s your intention.

Feedback conversation can be a nerve-wracking experience for both sides, and nobody should feel anxious about feedback conversations, right?

  1. Get my slides with additional notes for you to go through.
  2. Then, you can then book a free call with me. It’s a coaching conversation where I will go through your questions related to my talk and the slides.

I have opened 10 spots over the next two weeks for those conversations.

Beyond that, you can do two things to continue supporting yourself and your team:

  • We can connect on LinkedIn, where I often post about feedback conversations and coaching leadership.
  • I can deliver a workshop for you and your team, where you will learn in-depth on how to become a coach-like manager and create engaging feedback culture.

Check out the outline of my workshops, which will give you a better understanding of what difference I can make for you and your business.

Have a great day on purpose,


Remember the exercise about requesting a specific feedback?

I’m using a 1-Minute Feedback survey. Can you help me out, and provide me with specific feedback? It’s a set of 7 questions, and it takes only 1 minute to complete!

Me asking you “How was my presentation?” doesn’t help me grow, and probably doesn’t make you feel comfortable responding.

If you’d like to support my growth as a public speaker, then please send me your email address right here, and I’ll send the survey.

(I won’t send anything else – no mailing list, follow ups, upsells, etc. Just the link. I promise!) 

Thank you!


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10 years of leading and coaching diverse teams, supported with studying human behaviors, neuroscience, and fast, real conversations.

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Each program helps you build a feedback culture, improve employee engagement and develop managers. Each one tailored to your company.

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