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Tap into your inner coach and help others become the best version of themselves!


Coaching Leaders with Raf Baron

How would you describe the best manager that you have worked for? Let me guess: a great coach or a mentor. Mine too! The purpose of The Coaching Leaders podcast is to help every manager become a great coach or mentor to others.

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Feedback coach and leadership consultant, I deliver workshop on how to provide and receive feedback helping businesses and teams iprove employee engagement and retention

Meet Raf

In this podcast, Raf Baron, a feedback coach, and former international athlete who proudly represented Team Great Britain will invite experts in the field of coaching to discuss how every employee can become a mentor & leader. Through the stories, examples and practical tips, you will learn how to grow and develop your team. 

Past Guests

Kim Scott

Coaching your team with Radical Candor

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Michael Bungay Stanier

How to become a coach-like manager

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Melissa Hughes

 “What coaching leaders have to know about cognitive biases.”

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Teresa Quinlan

Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

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Dr. Tasha Eurich

“How to become a self-aware person”

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Episode 15: Klaudia Mitura. How to create a happy workplace

Episode 15: Klaudia Mitura. How to create a happy workplace

Listen on: Spotify Apple podcast And other podcast platforms, check out the full list here When your team is happy, all the metrics are spiking up. Klaudia helped me understand not just the numbers behind happy employees but HOW to boost happiness in the workplace to...

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