Your day as a manager can be very intensive and time is scarce, I think we all have been there. Being busy and cutting the time when it’s your turn to provide the feedback isn’t your solution in here, because it leads to further disengagement of your team and will drop their performance.

Your feedback is important, but HOW its delivered matters as much as the content of the feedback, and often its the most important part. When emotions run high or timing is poor, with the best of your intention to deliver quality feedback to your employees, you are highly likely to create more tension, instead of improvement.

Check this video and it will help you avoid one of the feedback sins:


During my workshops, I cover a wide range of topics that are related to feedback. From providing the feedback, or should I say navigate through feedback conversations, how to become a coach-like manager that people enjoy working with all the way to how to receive feedback effectively and take full ownership of your personal development. Seeking relevant feedback is crucial if you are an ambitious individual.  It all leads to better performance, and that’s what you want right?