Leading teams virtually

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 Almost overnight we were asked to move our work to a virtual world.

WFH has it’s benefits, but many managers and employees quickly learned that it’s also a challenge!

Personally, I struggle with a lack of social cues whilst delivering training virtually.  Looking at the screen is not the same as standing in front of people and engaging them. I need to adjust and improve, and for that, I need feedback.

We all need to develop new skills to adapt into this new reality.

The question is:                                                                                           How can feedback help us adapt to this new reality? 

I don’t have all the answers, but I have something that will certainly help you immediately get better at leading teams, managing virtual meetings and presenting virtually:

  • A special, 20 minute, podcast with tips on how to transition from working face-to-face to working virtually.
  • Free, 30 days, access to feedback questionnaires that are designed to help Managers engage others virtually.

 1 Minute Feedback is a cloud-based feedback platform that allows you to easily request feedback to help you learn and grow.

-1 Minute Feedback’s questionnaires
can help you learn how to lead virtual check-ins, set meaningful expectations and deliver dynamic virtual presentations.

-You can learn more about  1 Minute Feedback by visiting www.1minutefeedback.com.

Can I ask you for just one 1 favour?

Try it out and become one of the thousands of people who finally receive the supportive feedback they have been seeking.

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Your free access to 1 Minute Feedback's questionnaires.

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and start asking your peers for valuable feedback that you need and deserve.

Listen to the special episode of Coaching Leaders podcast:

Discover how important feedback is to help you lead others virtually.

"The art of giving feedback is a lifetime skill and talking to Raf put me to ease and design a model which is based on the gaps we had.."

If you have to coach your leaders or mentor your HR function to implement a new feedback model with simple techniques, Raf is the only one!

Leena Sahu. HR Coansultant at SEB

"Raf is a personable, exciting and engaging speaker for any event your business/organisation is holding. "

He also wanted to make sure that his session fit around our values and company Ethos which was a great touch and a huge hit with all of our Managers on the day.

Sam Beech. Talent Manager at  The New World Trading Company

Meet Raf

In 2006, I experienced leadership and a people-centered culture for the first time. I felt like I belonged.

I promised myself that I will always create the same feeling to the person on my right and the person on my left. 

Public speaking and workshops are helping me scale that promise. In connecting with more people, I can share the tools and inspiration we all need. The goal: to create a working environment where people feel like they belong.

My background in competitive martial arts and managing restaurants brings a set of unique insights and stories. It is in these intense training environments that I discovered that the model of conventional feedback is broken. 

And after years of research, testing, and my own feedback, my process throws out the manual that’s separating people. Let’s get people back together again. 

Because when that happens, people work better. Teams are more productive. Businesses are happier. And we all benefit. 

And it only takes few minutes of your time.


If you happen to know someone that is looking for energetic and engaging speaker, please send them my way, I would really appreciate it!